About Us

Do you have concerns about or want to fight to restore Australia’s Ownership and Control over any of the following?

  • Australia’s Sovereignty
  • International organisations, treaties and agreements that impose expectations on Australian Governments to legislate to meet the international requirements
  • International ownership of Australia’s Utilities
  • International ownership of Australia’s land
  • International ownership of key, former Australian businesses
  • International ownership and control of the majority of our resourses
  • Separation of water rights from land and international ownership of Australian Water
  • Government mismanagement of water management and allocation to the detriment of Australia and Australia’s Agriculture industries and rural communities
  • Australia’s Border Security
  • Australia’s immigration policies
  • Free trade agreements that see Australian jobs lost to international interests
  • Reciprocal trade that sees Australia importing agriculture, and other Australian produced or manufactured items that undermine Australian Industries, businesses or jobs
  • Australia’s diminishing self-sustainability due to international pressure for Australia to
    become a part of a new world order / globalised economy

And I am sure there are many more issues that Patriotic Australians would Stand Together and fight for as all current and past political parties have dirty hands with regards to the above.

Stand Together with other Patriotic Australians.

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