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Applications are being called by the OZEXIT Party for new members and current members to become candidates for the Federal election for all the various divisions of the House of Representatives and Senate positions of each State.

Australian citizens who nominate must be aware:

1. that they must be members of the party via the Membership page on the website

2. that all roles in OZEXIT Party are currently volunteer, therefore unpaid as are endorsed candidate positions

3. that the next Federal election may not be until 2022

4. that OZEXIT Party Executive will undertake a selection process for the best candidates based on their application through this page and based on applicants’ CVs and referee checks

5. that the current costs for being registered as a party candidate are $2000 for the House of Representatives and $2000 for the Senate and that endorsed party candidates will be required to make this payment to the Australian Electoral Commission

6. that the campaign costs are the endorsed candidates, however, the party may coordinate to assist lower campaign advertising costs

7. that endorsed candidates should aim to build their local grassroots supporter base so that new members in their locality can assist them at their various booths on election day

​8. that endorsed candidates must not be dual citizens, have a unfinished criminal matter before any courts, be currently declared bankrupt and have a financial relationship with the Commonwealth.

9. that the selection process for endorsed candidates may involve an interview and the signing of an agreement

​10. that any time after selection an endorsed candidate may become unendorsed by the OZEXIT Party executive

11. that by filing this application to be a candidate I acknowledge that I have read ALL of the OZEXIT POLICIES AND THE OZEXIT CONSTITUTION and I hereby agree to abide by the OZEXIT Rules, Policies and Constitution.


    APPLICATION – State/Territory / Electorate Choice

    I (your full name on electoral roll),*

    seek endorsement by the OXEXIT Party as a candidate for the electorate listed below and acknowledge that I will read the candidate expectations document that will be emailed to me as a response to my submitting this form.

    Which electorates/Local Council area do you reside in?*

    Number of years you have resided in the electorate area?*

    I wish to nominate in the State of (Select State/Territory you wish to run in)*


    Select Level of Government *

    Name of Electorate if applicable

    APPLICATION DETAILS - Details will be kept confidential.

    APP Member No. (If not yet a member type TBA)*

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    Details including Electoral Roll address:

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    Preferred Contact Numbers

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    1. List you prime areas of policy interest:*

    2. List at least three key funding priorities you would champion in your electorate:*

    3. What is your current occupation (please provide full details):*

    4. Please list any educational qualifications:*

    5. Please list your professional, trade or business experience:*

    6. How will you balance campaigning with your work and other commitments?:*

    7. Please provide details of any community involvement past and present:*

    8. Have you ever been a member of or a candidate for any other political party? If so, which party/ies, in what capacity and when?:*

    9. Have you been an independent candidate for any election in Australia including Local Government? If so please provide details:*

    10. Please details any other political experience you may have:*

    11. Have you ever been charged with an indictable offence or have you to your knowledge ever been under investigation in relation to an indictable offence. (Please provide details if applicable):*

    12. Are you now or have you ever been bankrupt or have you now or ever entered into an arrangement with your creditors under the Bankruptcy Act? (Please provide details if applicable):*

    13. Please outline your proposed strategies and budget on how you intend to run and fund your election campaign:*

    14. Please provide contact details (phone/email) for three (3) referees (other than family members) who have known you for five years or more and are able to vouch as to your good character:*

    15. Have you any other comments/information you would like to provide that may assist with your application to being preselected by OXEXIT Party for your nominated seat?:*

    I (your full name),*


    The answers I have given above in my application to be a candidate for the OXEXIT Party are true and correct in all respects;

    I am registered on the Electoral Roll at the address provided;

    I will provide a recent photo of myself;

    I understand that if my application is to proceed, I will be expected to undertake a formal interview, in person or via video link.

    I understand that if my application is successful, I will be required to Join the Party if I am not already a member.

    I understand that if my application is successful, I will be required to enter into a Candidate’s Agreement.

    Declaration Acceptance: Enter Date (dd/mm/yyyy)*

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